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Hi! I’m Favio Vázquez.


I’m a Physicist and computer engineer. I hold a masters degree in Physics too. I have a passion for science, philosophy, programming, and music. Right now I'm working on data science, machine learning and big data as the CEO and Chief Data Scientist at Ciencia y Datos, Senior Data Scientist in Raken Data group supporting various companies in Latin America, instructor of data science courses at Business Science University, an online education platform and also editor of the International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence.

I love new challenges, working with a good team and having interesting problems to solve, also applying my knowledge and expertise to help the world become a better place.


¡Hola! Soy Favio Vázquez.


Soy físico e ingeniero en computación. Tengo una maestría en Física también. Tengo una pasión por la ciencia, la filosofía, la programación y la música. En este momento, estoy trabajando en ciencia de datos, machine learning y big data como CEO y chief data scientist en Ciencia y Datos, científico de datos senior en Raken Data Group, que brinda apoyo a varias compañías en América Latina, instructor de cursos de ciencias de datos en Business Science University, una plataforma de educación en línea y también editor del International Journal of Business Analytics and Intelligence.

Me encantan los nuevos desafíos, trabajar con un buen equipo y tener problemas interesantes que resolver, y también aplicar mis conocimientos y experiencia para ayudar al mundo a ser un lugar mejor.


Videos & Webinars

Deep learning with apache spark at odsc India

Apache Spark is an amazing framework for distributing computations in a cluster in an easy and declarative way. Is becoming a standard across industries so it would be great to add the amazing advances of Deep Learning to it. There are parts of Deep Learning that are computationally heavy, very heavy!

Humans of Data Science

Humans of Data Science (HoDS) project - showing the human-side of data science!

Creating intelligence with data science at data talk by experian

In this week's #DataTalk, we were honored to learn from Favio Vázquez, Principal Data Scientist at OXXO, about ways to create intelligence with data science. You can listen to the podcast or read the full transcription here: http://www.experian.com/blogs/news/datatalk/creative-intelligence/

the future of data science at data talk by experian

ask a data scientist

Favio is not just an awesome data scientist, but also a speaker and an Open-source active collaborator. In this talk he will show the path to data science with a technical focus Have an awesome portfolio project in: DeepLearningRetreat.com

Data science office hours






Podcast: Antid@tos